Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is not just a box that needs to be checked in order to meet compliance; it is a process to uncover vulnerabilities and enhance your security posture.

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is the process of simulating an attack on one’s own infrastructure to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses. This concerted effort to breach the system allows organizations to find and secure their vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

At GRM, we carry out both white box and black box pen testing for our customers. The white box pen testing entails having the under the hood configuration details of the system that is to be breached, whereas black box pen testing provides no more than basic public-facing information about the system.

The stringent penetration testing protocols at GRM require the full legal authorization and consent of the customer before we simulate any attack. Depending on the risk and the security requirements, we carry out pen testing on both production and test environments, each of which come with their advantages and disadvantages.

The outcome of penetration testing is a report outlining the attack surface, the vulnerabilities, and backdoors into your system. The report would contain detailed recommendations on fortifying your applications, systems, and other operational technology (OT) systems connected to your network. It will also contain strategies to mitigate risk and sensitizing your employees to steer clear of any baits or phishing attacks that could lead to sharing of critical information with agents acting in bad faith.

You can be rest assured that our team of certified pen testers and cybersecurity specialists will work by your side in an effort to protect and preserve the integrity of your system and data.

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