Wireless Security Assessment

Your data flowing over a wireless network is susceptible to being intercepted by anyone within the range of a wireless signal. It is therefore important to enforce security policies and access control mechanisms that will fortify the defenses of your enterprise network.

Malicious intruders are constantly probing your networks for suboptimal configuration settings, vulnerabilities, and lack of security controls in order to breach network defenses. Poorly configured wireless systems can also put you at risk of non-compliance and in the event of a breach lead to heavy penalties for endangering the data of your customers. It is, therefore, important to carry out a comprehensive wireless security assessment.

All wireless devices are essentially radio transmitters and receivers. Anyone can tune in with a packet capture device and eavesdrop on your conversation. Our security assessment will ensure that you configure a wireless encryption protocol such as WPA2 to encrypt your wireless data. Wireless access points relay data between your organization’s wired network and your wireless devices and are often the target of attackers looking to find a way into your network. Our assessment will ensure that these devices are securely configure and the packets flowing to and fro are encrypted in order to defeat the efforts of hackers trying to sniff data packets.

Further, we will provide recommendations to strengthen IEEE 802.1X, which is a port-based network access control (NAC) protocol, to authenticate your wireless devices on the network. We will also work with you to apply the right configuration settings to the switch or the wireless access point, which serves as an authenticator, and RADIUS, which could be the authentication server.

Our security assessment methodology entails having formal discussions and interviews with your IT teams to understand their requirements and challenges. We will review your existing wireless security policies and assess the present state system architecture and configuration settings. Our experts will execute penetration tests to uncover vulnerabilities and identify rogue access points that could be exploited. Penetration tests and vulnerability assessments will yield the intelligence needed to optimize the architecture and configuration settings of your organization’s wireless systems so that your operations and data are not compromised.

With the nature of attacks constantly evolving, we encourage organizations to conduct periodic security assessments of their wireless networks to ensure their systems are up-to-date and primed to defend against the latest wave of attacks unleashed by bad actors.

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