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Marc Andreessen, an American entrepreneur, famously remarked that software is eating the world. From enabling manned space missions to deconstructing the human genome and expediting vaccine creation, software has pushed the frontiers of progress. Having said that it is also important to recognize that software bugs and glitches have caused planes to crash; software vulnerabilities have allowed nefarious actors hijack medical devices; it has led sensitive data of people spilling over to the darknet; and has caused billions of dollars of human capital and effort wiped out in vicious cyberattacks.

Software code is arguably the great enabler of human civilization in the post-industrial era. It is, therefore, important that we pay deference to the art of code and the best practices that need to be adhered to in order to usher a new age of prosperity and well-being. Code is not infallible. Bugs exist and we need to seek to limit their impact.

As an overwhelming proportion of attacks are concentrated in the application layer, software code and its inherent vulnerabilities have come into sharp focus. Our team of software engineers will highlight the quirks around each language and offer guidance to work your way around them. We also lead a review of third-party dependencies and packages of your application. These measures lead to more securing coding practices right out of the gate for the development team.

Code audits can be discrete or integrated into your development lifecycle. Code reviews as a part of the CI/CD pipeline ensures that principles of security are baked into the design phase of the application and any bugs or vulnerabilities are identified before the application gets pushed for production and deployment. Our code reviews audit for sanitized user input and validation so that unescaped user data cannot be used to launch XSS attacks. We go over your code with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that SQL queries are parameterized to prevent injection attacks. Our security experts will walk you through effective token management strategies to prevent CSRF attacks. Our detailed code review checklists cover input validation, output encoding, authentication and password management, session management, access control, cryptographic practices, error handling and logging, database security, file management, and other general coding practices. Our team carries out reviews using automated tools and conducts manual deep-dive examinations of code that is of critical importance.

We can also weigh in on different programming paradigms (object oriented or functional) to best maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your application and data resources. Our coding philosophies such as ‘principle of least privilege’ and ‘separation of concerns’ feed into coding habits and review process and allows for functions in your code to access only the information and resources that are necessary for execution.

An effective code review with us can help you enhance your security posture, earn customer trust in the marketplace, and secure the longevity of your business.

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