Vulnerability Assessment

Everything out on the internet is a potential target. It is, therefore, important for organizations to evaluate their security posture against an array of threat vectors.

Vulnerability assessment is a rigorous process of identifying inherent weaknesses in your system that could serve as a foothold for bad actors to wreak havoc in your network. It is the first and an important step to determine the course your organization will have to chart in an ever complex and mutating world of cybersecurity.

Periodic assessments of your systems can help organizations preempt any security risks that could undermine the fidelity of their network.

Most organizations believe they are impervious to cyberattacks. However, the nature of attacks can range from deliberate targeted attacks to automated attacks that ripple out across the infrastructure of the internet looking for points of ingress. And no organization or entity on the internet is safe from these onslaughts.

At GRM, we will scan your organization’s ecosystem, which includes and is not limited to application software, hardware, edge devices, and network policies to gain an insight into your system.

The assessment will yield a detailed forensic report with a rank-order of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Our experts will also offer you the current state of the threat landscape that your business operates out of, and help you devise strategies to mitigate risks, and in the event of an attack, reduce the meantime to repair and recover.

Finally, the process of vulnerability assessment will also sensitize you to an array of cybersecurity laws and policies so that you stay in compliance with different government regulations pertaining to your industry.

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