Application Security Assessment

There is possibly someone out there right now, state sponsored or a lone wolf, working to uncover security loopholes in your application and compromise the security of your system. We are here to frustrate the efforts of those bad actors.

Application development is no less critical than building utility infrastructure like road, railways, airports, and power plants that are used and relied upon by millions of people. We are outraged upon learning of any security lapses that may have led to the collapse of a bridge. Likewise, as a society, we are equally alarmed every time we hear of a data breach. And more often than not, the rage is directed not at the hackers, but toward the organization or entity the customers had reposed their faith in. An organization can face lawsuits for this breach of trust and face liability for not adhering to security best practices.

At GRM, we are driven by the principle that the build process of an application requires the same rigors and security checks that are expected out of the construction of critical infrastructure. For us, application security is not just a check post in the SDLC process, but tightly integrated into the building, testing, and deployment phase of the application.

The application security assessment carried out by our team will not just look at your final application but gain an insight into your DevOps practices and the CI/CD pipeline in order to provide recommendations for a secure SDLC framework. Our team of software engineers and cybersecurity specialists get into the weeds of different frameworks used for application development, and offer a detailed summary of any potential security exploits related to them. We also lead a review of third-party dependencies and packages of your application. These measures lead to more securing coding practices right out of the gate for the development team.

Our security assessment framework covers the OWASP Top 10 threats and provides detailed recommendations on mitigating the security risks to your applications. Any risks related to injection, user input validation, authentication, and authorization are flagged in the report for review. We will also keep you up-to-date with the ever-evolving industry standard best practices related to securing your applications.

With an extensive experience in securing enterprise applications, our cross-functional teams of security engineers, software architects, and developers are on a mandate to understand your business landscape, its corresponding security challenges, and offer solutions and strategies that will help you navigate the minefield of cyber threats out in the wild.

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