Red Teaming

A red team attack will shake loose new findings of your system vulnerabilities and incident response capabilities.

In cybersecurity, a red team is a group that plays the role of an adversary and uses all means at its disposal, in order to break into an organization’s computer network. In response, a blue team is a group that mounts a defense in an effort to thwart the attacks of the red team.

While pen testing is a planned activity that is carried out to uncover vulnerabilities, a red team assessment is more targeted and is used to assess the threat detection and incident response capabilities of an organization. A red team attack carries an element of surprise and is therefore more like a real-world intrusion.

Our trained and certified experts at GRM will step into the mindset of your adversaries and pull out all stops to infiltrate into your network. Our attack vectors include but are not limited to the following: social engineering, physically infiltrating sensitive sites such as data centers or server rooms, scanning poorly configured network devices, and using application level vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, session hijacking, and others to extract user credentials and use OS level vulnerabilities to escalate privileges to attain access to the targeted payload.

Following a red team attack, we prepare a detailed report that lays down the attack trajectory, revealing the outcomes of the reconnaissance exercise, and the vulnerabilities (both social and technological) that were exploited to gain a foothold into your network. As effective incident response is critical, our red team experts will also outline the steps that need to be carried out in the aftermath of an attack. We discuss measures to restore the system to a minimum-viable operating level, and discuss strategies to contain the attack, and eventually cleanse the system of any advanced persistent threats (APTs) that may gain access through obscure backdoors of your network.

As a large number of real-world attacks exploit vulnerabilities at the human level, another outcome of red teaming is to sensitize your employees to the different kinds of social engineering attacks that they can fall prey to. At GRM, it is our objective to cover all bases and propose relevant security information and event management (SIEM) tools and processes to enhance your cyber resilience and mitigate risk to you and your customers.

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