Security Architecture Review

Having a strong security architecture will enable your organization achieve its business objectives and help you achieve a reputation in the marketplace as a secure and trustworthy business partner.

We consider your business hallowed space and believe that the best way to protect your intellectual property is by ensuring that the tenets of security are baked right into the design phase of your product and align with your organization’s business strategy.

The security posture of an organization is not limited to preventive, detective, and corrective measures. Security architecture is more than just a set of tools, policies, and controls to monitor your enterprise infrastructure and assets. Security architecture is the process of mapping an organization’s information security practices and aligning them with an organization’s business objectives. In essence, we at GRM will help you align your information architecture and technology architecture with the overarching goals established by your business architecture.

We follow a top-down approach in order to ensure that your business needs take precedence and are executed with adequate safeguards so as to prevent and mitigate the risks of cyber incidents. We work with several industry defined enterprise security frameworks like SABSA, TOGAF, COBIT, NIST, ITIL, and ISO to model security architectures that support your critical business initiatives.

Our security architecture review takes a layered approach. The review process starts from the top which is the contextual architecture layer, and then goes through each lower layer from conceptual architecture, logical architecture, physical architecture, and finally the component architecture layer and the service management architecture layer. Each layer provides an insight into the security needs of different stakeholders and offers a progressively detailed view starting from the business objectives, down to products, tools, specific standards, and technologies to be implement as a part of the cyber resilience architecture.

The review of each of the layers is also supported by a detailed analysis based on six key aspects – assets (what), motivation (why), process (how), people (who), location (where), and time (when). The review process seeks transparency and traceability from the goals and objectives of the organization through to the processes and controls that enable managing and mitigating cyber threats.

Our review framework is flexible, scalable, and applicable to any industry sector. And the outcome of the review process is a detailed report that identifies opportunities for improvement and provide detailed guidance so as to reinforce the strength and agility to adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape.

A robust security architecture review allows for a hardened IT and OT environment that will set your organization up for success and enable you to achieve your security goals in line with your business objectives.

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