Configuration Review

There are dangers lurking within your IT ecosystem that can be exploited by attackers of all stripes. A comprehensive configuration review of your systems is a precursor to establishing solid cybersecurity controls that will enhance your security posture and keep the bad guys at bay.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. With disparate systems coming together to form your network, a determined attacker needs only one point of ingress to breach your system and compromise your data and security. It is, therefore, important to create an inventory of all your IT assets and optimize their security configuration settings so as to protect your organization against an array of threat vectors.

With a broad and varied experience in information systems and network security, our team of cybersecurity experts will conduct a comprehensive review of every aspect of your organization’s IT ecosystem such as network devices, applications, operating systems, underlying servers, and databases in order to gain an insight into the workings of your system and resolve any suboptimal configuration settings that could give attackers a foothold into your system.

Our configuration review methodology entails having formal discussions and interviews with your IT teams to understand their requirements and challenges. We then proceed toward gathering information and data on the current configuration settings of your IT systems. The data gathering phase is carried out using automated scripts or manually. We then carry out a detailed review of the configuration settings and run the data against industry standard benchmarks and checklists. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities and triage them based on the threat landscape in which your business operates out of. As a last step, we prepare a detailed forensic report with precise guidance on actions you can elect to secure your business.

With the nature of attacks constantly evolving, we encourage organizations to conduct periodic configuration reviews to ensure their systems are up-to-date and primed to defend against the latest wave of attacks unleashed by bad actors.

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