Application Threat Modeling

Cyber breaches are a matter of when, not if. Threat modeling is a risk-based analysis to determine the cyber threats your organization is exposed to and establish the necessary controls and processes to counter the threats or reduce the dwell time, which is the time duration an attacker goes undetected on your network before they are identified, contained, and neutralized.

The potential threats of today are broad and varied. In addition, the threat vectors are only rising with every passing day. In addition, AI and ML are being appropriated by sophisticated cyber criminals to engineer highly crippling attacks that can be unleashed across the network in a matter of seconds. Such attacks are equal opportunity in nature meaning that they can compromise the security systems of government institutions, wreak havoc in the biggest organizations, or hold to ransom any mid-size corporation.

The threat landscape is constantly mutating in nature thereby making it nearly impossible to anticipate every form of attack. However, this does not mean that we do nothing to secure our systems against bad actors. On the contrary, we work to create a risk profile of every asset in your organization and classify the threats against them by using industry standard threat categorization model such as STRIDE. This allows us to visualize the attack surface in an effort to better determine the kind of threats your system could be vulnerable to. This visualization or threat model will enable us, at GRM, to work with you to identify the nature of threats to your system, chart a taxonomy of cyber attacks that could be inflicted against you, and devise asset-centric strategies to eliminate and mitigate the risks associated with each form of threat.

We also tap into the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), a U.S. government repository of common vulnerabilities, to ascertain any security loopholes that could relate to your specific business use cases. In addition, the process of threat modeling is intricately linked with your business objectives and compliance requirements. Our team of experts will integrate your business objectives, technical objectives, and regulatory requirements into our threat model, which will lead to a detailed analysis of the identified threats. The threat model will also help you weigh the risk against each identified threat and apportion budgets for an effective cybersecurity program.

The threat modeling methodology at GRM, which is based off an attacker-centric view of your applications and network infrastructure, will position you to defend your system against a range of known and unknown attacks out there, protect your system, and safeguard your data.

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