Third-Party Risk Assessment

Cyber criminals are not required to tear down your defenses. They are looking for the weakest link to get to you. And regardless of the strength of your own security cover, the odds are you will still be hacked on account of the suboptimal security controls of your third-party vendors.

Organizations do not work in isolation. Their business operations are supported by a complex network of third-party relationships. It is a model that allows organizations to focus on what they do best while outsourcing activities that may not be directly linked with creating the product or service, but are essential for supporting your business activities or for delivering a service to the customer. This economic framework has led to remarkable growth and prosperity around the world. But it is only in recent years have we begun to comprehend the manifold risks of supply chain attacks in the context of cyber crime.

With increasing digitalization of services, organization now have a larger attack surface than ever before. This makes it important for organizations to identify the potential vulnerabilities of their vendors as their own. As your cybersecurity partner, we will first and foremost create an inventory of your vendors and classify them based on their level of access to your systems, data, and network. We will then conduct a thorough review of your existing and potential vendors to ascertain the maturity of their security program. The review process can be carried out remotely or onsite by our cybersecurity specialists. We have detailed checklists and questionnaires that address aspects related to information security and privacy, physical and data center security, web application security, and infrastructure security.

Based on the results of the assessment, we will assign a security rating to each vendor so that you have visibility on your risk exposure and can define expectations and contractual obligations against each vendor to level-up their cyber resilience. Our cybersecurity experts will also help you define vendor performance metrics so that you can measure the performance of your vendor on a continuous basis.

Cybersecurity risks are not static. They come in myriad forms and pose a clear and present danger to organizations that do not adapt themselves to the ever-mutating threat landscape. We will therefore establish a program to continuously monitor the cybersecurity controls and compliances of your vendors against the prevailing threats and dangers. Depending on the criticality of your relationship with the vendor, our experts can also guide them on setting up an incident response team and a business continuity plan. This will ensure that in the event of a breach in the supply chain, we can minimize the damage to your organization

As your partner, our success is defined by yours, and we are committed to providing you the highest standards of security so that you can afford the peace of mind to focus on delivering exceptional value to your customers and shareholders.

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