Business Continuity Management

Cyber attacks are not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. This adage allows us to view cybersecurity through the lens of disruption – one in which a business has already come under an attack. The actions that follow a disruptive incident constitute a business continuity management plan and are critical to containing the damage, protecting your data and intellectual property, ensuring critical business activities remain unaffected, and following the prescribed course of action for a complete recovery and greater resilience.

Business continuity management, or simply BCM, is acknowledging the occurrence of unforeseen disruptive events, and developing detailed plans, which ensure business operations are carried out at an acceptable level following an incident. An effective BCM plan also lays down measures to contain the damage, protecting your data and intellectual property, ensuring effective network segmentation so that critical business activities remain unaffected, and reducing the mean time to complete recovery. The ISO 22301 standard defines the framework for implementing an effective BCMS.

Our cybersecurity and business continuity experts will conduct a comprehensive review of your business, your IT infrastructure, and the threat environment that you operate out of. We have extensive use cases and training data from a range of organizations across verticals, which will help us model a BCMP that is structured, scalable, and effective. It will be aligned to your organization’s business and operational requirements and can adapt to the changes within the organization.

In addition, our team will prepare a detailed risk matrix that covers every aspect of the threat vectors that could potentially disrupt your business environment. We will also provided comprehensive SOPs outlining the steps and measures that need to be taken to detect, resolve, and recover from incidents.

We recognize that any process does not operate autonomously. It is human agency and their interaction with the processes and technology that dictates the success of any operation. We will therefore conduct intensive training exercises to create awareness about disruptions being the black swan events that no one can foresee; however, being prepared for one based off the threat models in the past can enable organizations recover swiftly and become more resilient over time. And every employee’s contribution to BCMP makes the program more robust and effective in the event of an incident.

Our team will perform internal audits to ensure that you meet and exceed the requirements laid down by ISO 22301. In addition, we will conduct periodic reviews to measure the effectiveness of the plan, and in the event of any deviation provide measures to course correct.

As your security partner, it is our objective to ensure that your business is resilient to the mutating threat landscape, and in the event of any incident, a response team restores your systems to a minimum-viable operating level, while the threat is eventually contained and neutralized.

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