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The need of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has crossed over the boundary from being desirable to being imperative so as to drive business value and gain the clarity and insight required to operate out of an increasingly complex technological and regulatory landscape.

There is more to cybersecurity than just installing a firewall. It is far more expansive and multidimensional than most of us can fathom with a lot of complexities abstracted away. It touches several aspects of your business ranging from technology and ops risk to compliance and audit to threat prevention and incident response, and creating a security architecture for greater cyber resilience.

With cybersecurity concerns now becoming a part of boardroom conversations, the aforementioned aspects of cybersecurity now come under the scope of a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO, who serves as a strategist, advisor, guardian, and technologist to enable an organization achieve its security goals in line with its business objectives. However, not all organizations may be able to on board a full-time CISO on account of limited budget and staffing challenges. But this should not deter organizations from looking at the role and responsibilities of a CISO as an imperative requirement to achieving its business objectives. As your cybersecurity partner, GRM Technologies offers its CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) model to ensure that your business operations, data, and intellectual property have the safeguards that they deserve.

Based off your needs and budget, we have several models of engagement ranging from full-time to project-based. Regardless of the type of engagement, we will integrate into your business environment and define policies, frameworks, and initiatives to elevate your security posture. You will also have access to a pool of experienced cybersecurity professionals who have the both the technical expertise and the strategic outlook to harmonize the twin objectives of growth and mitigating security risks.

We will open channels of communication with stakeholders, including senior executives and leadership teams, and provide real-time data-driven metrics concerning the threat vectors that you are vulnerable to and the corresponding mitigation measures in order to raise the levels of consciousness around cyber attacks. With our CISOaaS offering, you can be rest assured that our team of experts will look into every aspect of your business and prepare detailed security roadmaps that will enable you to leverage technology, processes, and people to drive business value. Our model also offers you the flexibility to pay-as-you-go and scale per your business requirements.

The CISOaaS offering by GRM will let you to choose from a wide range of cross functional experts who will work with you to implement a robust information security management system and help you navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape so that you are always in compliance. In addition, CISOaaS will also enable the setting up an effective business continuity management plan, and an incident response team that is well-equipped to deal with the threats to your system, and in the event of a breach follow the standard operating procedure to restore your system to a minimum-viable operating level.

At GRM, we hold ourselves accountable to a high standard. We commit ourselves to your business because our success is an outcome of yours. We like to think of ourselves as a conductor in an orchestra integrating different elements of your security and business models into a unified experience with a singular objective to make a valuable impact in the lives of your customers.

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