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As a cybersecurity consultancy, we are well-positioned to advice you on partnerships that are aligned to your security objectives, and in turn drive the maximum benefit for your business.

We have been in the cyber space for a long time. We understand its landscape – its mutating state, its peaks and its valleys. In order to traverse this space, many organizations make the mistake of building a patchwork quilt of security solutions with gaping vulnerabilities. As your partner, we will help you build a security blanket that is aligned with your business goals and addresses your most pressing challenges around information security.

We believe the first step in achieving this is to get you to partner with the right organizations and thereby elevate your cybersecurity posture, safeguard the integrity of your operations and data, and create value for your stakeholders. To this end, we will help you draft and design a RFP that solicits bids that are fit for purpose and solves your needs.

As a first step to creating an RFP, we will perform a thorough assessment of your organization’s ecosystem to document the inherent deficiencies of your security architecture, which makes your system vulnerable on the internet. Following the assessment, we will lay down the requirements — the technical and operational controls – that are required to fortify your system. We will then create a detailed scope of work that needs to be carried out by qualified vendors. Following the publication of the RFP, we will review the proposals of qualified vendors who meet the industry standards and comply with government regulations. We will then evaluate the technical responses against evaluation criteria in order to rank order the technical proposals. We will then conduct interviews with the shortlisted vendors. In order to gain a deeper insight into their solution, we will require them to carry out demonstration of the works that they have proposed, and provide references of similar work. We will also review their project timelines and project execution methodology to understand their commitment to their works. Finally, we will weigh in on the financial proposal of the selected vendors before producing our report that provides a detailed assessment of the top vendors.

The objective of cybersecurity RFPs is to select a vendor that addresses not just your current requirements, but has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your business and the mutating threat landscape. With GRM by your side, you can be rest assured that we will work with you to ensure that the cybersecurity solutions of your vendors integrate seamlessly with your system so as to mitigate risks and to increase your cyber resilience.

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