ISO 27001

Most organizations today deal with data of their customers. With a growing awareness about the critical importance of data privacy, and rightfully so, it has become important for organizations to express to their customers that they are earnest about protecting the sensitive data of their customers. The ISO 27001 certification enables you to communicate this message effectively by helping you establish security policies and controls in your organization in order to preserve and protect the integrity of customer data.

As the number of cyber attacks and data breaches continue to rise, information security has become a critical issue for every business. The marketplace and government regulations across the world require that you establish the security controls required to safeguard the data of your customers against an array of threat vectors. ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides specifications for an information security management system or ISMS.

A robust ISMS, particularly one that conforms to ISO 27001 specifications, can help organizations comply with a host of laws including GDPR and NIS regulations. Furthermore, with the concerns around cybersecurity and data privacy gaining critical mass, companies that fail to implement an effective ISMS could be excluded from tenders and draw the attention of regulatory authorities.

At GRM, we have been working with organizations across verticals to help them achieve ISO 27001 certification. Our consultants will sink their teeth into your organization’s business environment and review existing security controls to assess the risk and determine the threat landscape that you operate out of. We will ensure that the scope of your ISMS is broad enough to reassure stakeholders, customers, and regulatory agencies, and yet not unwieldy to manage. We will conduct a comprehensive gap analysis against the 114 security controls laid down in Annex A. Our experts will prepare a certification roadmap that lays down the policies, frameworks, and technological safeguards you would need to implement the missing controls and achieve compliance.

As your consultant, we consider it our mandate to define a comprehensive security infrastructure – related to people, processes, and technology – that will help your organization adapts to the changes in the threat environment thereby ensuring that risks to your business are mitigated and your information systems are resilient to cyber attacks. We will provide detailed documentation in regards to policies, procedures, technical and physical controls that will help you preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Our team will carry out extensive trainings and internal audits to set you up for success for the final certification, and will work by your side post-certification so that you always maintain compliance to the requirements stipulated in ISO 27001.

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