Cloud Security Assessment

Most organizations are moving to the cloud as it allows them to reduce infrastructure costs whilst offering the flexibility to grow and evolve per their business requirements. The cloud model has led to rapid migrations of businesses to the cloud. However, hosting your data and operations on a third-party system comes with certain security implications that need to be addressed.

There is a common misconception that just because you have moved your operations to a cloud, you are secure by default. This erroneous belief has led to countless attacks leaving organizations and their data compromised. It is important to understand that cloud security is a shared responsibility between you and the cloud provider. This shared responsibility model can be conceived as ‘security of the cloud,’ which is the responsibility of the cloud provider, and ‘security in the cloud,’ which is the responsibility of the organization hosting their data and operations on to the cloud.

In addition, the cloud security architecture and configuration settings are a function of the cloud deployment service you are subscribing to – IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS. The security responsibilities of both the cloud provider and the customer differ based on the cloud environment. However, there are times when the delineation of responsibilities is not clear enough giving way to security issues that can be exploited by attackers. This is where our cloud security experts will step in to help you navigate the shared responsibility model of your cloud provider and ensure that there is no ambiguity regarding the implementation of security controls.

We will work with you and your cloud service provider to assess the security controls of the physical infrastructure, help you understand issues related to proper data isolation and logical storage segregation, and ensure that the virtualization software or hypervisor is properly configured, managed, and secured. From the standpoint of your responsibilities, we adopt a holistic approach to manage and mitigate security risks on the cloud. We look at the security of your cloud environment from the perspective of your data hosted in the cloud, your applications interacting with the data, and the users working with your applications. This means that we will help you establish and enable a baseline level security for your cloud environment. This includes data encryption and database key management, configuring a load balancer, setting up web application firewalls, and enabling identity access management, and other authentication measures. We will conduct a thorough audit of the different layers of your cloud stack –  services, identity, storage, compute, load balancer, and applications –  to ensure that they are properly configured, managed, and secured against malicious activity. We will also help you integrate traffic inspection tools from multiple vendors into your cloud security baseline.

Our team of experts will also scan and pen test your cloud environment following the rules of engagement of your cloud service provider. In short, our team of cloud experts will work with you to establish security controls to preserve the integrity of your operations and data on a third-party cloud. We will work with you to harden your virtual environment so as to shield you from any malware attacks and prevent data leakage. Finally, we will work alongside you to ensure that your business on the cloud is compliant with the data protection laws in the jurisdictions in which you operate.

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