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Online threats have real world consequences. Every time organizations plug their systems into the network; they are either a force of good or have unwittingly become allies of the forces that are out to destroy value in the world.

Cyber risks are no longer a local concern of an IT department. They are a global phenomenon. Just like a raging pandemic, cyber attacks that have infiltrated the update server of a small organization halfway across the world can spread out across the internet and cripple the world’s supply chain and disrupt critical infrastructure like electricity grids and power plants thereby bringing the world to its knees.

Nations have only begun to realize that cyber threats no longer respect state boundaries, and in a world where our capital – intellectual, financial, and social – is stored on the internet, governments cannot afford to have insecure systems that can be infiltrated with far reaching negative effects. Governments around the world have therefore started formulating stringent cybersecurity frameworks to enhance the strength and resilience of systems to defend against the most persistent cyber attacks and as a result preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data of citizens and investors. Stringent cybersecurity laws and regulations require cybersecurity policies to be shaped at the leadership level with the approval and ratification of the board. All of this to drive a sense of urgency in the industry over the risks of cybersecurity and the need to put their full weight behind securing their systems. Leaders in the boardroom are now required to take responsibility of enforcing cybersecurity controls across organization, and also take accountability for any mishaps that occur on account of a lack or deficiency of controls.

At GRM Technologies, we have been in the cyber space for a long time. We understand its landscape – its mutating state, its peaks and its valleys. As your partner, we will help you build a security policy that is aligned with your business goals and addresses your most pressing challenges around information and cybersecurity. Our experts will carry out a detailed analysis of your system and the threat landscape that you operate out of in order to build a model that will weigh the risks against the different threat vectors so as to apportion budgets for an effective cybersecurity program. We will produce executive summaries of vulnerabilities and its associated risks with precise guidance on the controls that need to be established to make your organization more cyber resilient. This will help in formulating an end-to-end governance system for your organization’s information and technology infrastructure that is integrated with your organization’s objectives, adapts to changes both within your organization and outside, and mitigates risks to an acceptable level.

Our team of experts will also help you navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape so that you are always in compliance to different cybersecurity regulations across jurisdictions. At GRM, we like to think of ourselves as your trusted partner and advisor. The integrity and passion of our team will serve as a cornerstone of our relationship with you. And we will have your back at all times so that you can do what you do best.

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