While it is impossible to turn your back on cyber threats, you can, however, outsource the heavy lifting of establishing and running an effective cybersecurity program to experts who will provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and response capabilities in order to thwart the efforts of bad actors trying to break into your system.

Cyber threats are all pervasive and cyber attacks are inevitable. Large organizations receive a lot of press as victims of cyber attacks; however, it is the small and medium sized organizations that are most vulnerable, and in the wake of a significant incident like a ransomware attack, most of such organizations are unable to recover and go out of busines. Organizations  often face a hard time of focusing on their core business because the challenge of protecting their data and systems while meeting compliance requirements becomes overwhelming. Also, most companies having limited resources find it difficult hire dedicated cybersecurity teams. All of this does not mean that small and medium sized organizations need to run their security program on a wing and a prayer.

Organizations can outsource the heavy lifting of establishing and running an effective cybersecurity program to experts who will set up a security operations center, or simply a SOC, which can be considered as the nerve center of a cybersecurity program. A SOC does not necessarily have to be in-house or on-premise. At GRM Technologies, we provide SOC-as-a-service so that you can eliminate the upfront costs and yet have the skills, knowledge, partners, and experts required to carry out threat intelligence, threat hunting, continuous security monitoring along with effective incident response capabilities.

At GRM Technologies, we do not deploy just another tool to monitor your system. We provide solutions that will be customized to your environment and needs. Moreover, our specialists will integrate with your team to gain an intuitive understanding of the challenges that you face and the threat landscape that you operate out of. The security operations center will provide continuous real-time monitoring of your IT and OT assets, which gives us a granular view of your devices so as to remediate any common vulnerabilities like operating out of outdated or unpatched software. This measure alone can thwart a whole wave of crippling attacks that target obsolete systems. The center also subscribes to intelligence feeds from trusted sources thereby allowing us to identify threats, carry out triage, and preempt attacks. We will also establish detailed standard operating procedures that would need to be followed in the event of a breach so as to reduce the mean time to respond and restore the system to a minimum viable operating level, while the threat is eventually contained and neutralized.

With detailed reports and data-rich dashboards, the security operations center will be your single pane of glass view into your organization’s cybersecurity posture. The operations center will be manned by certified network and cybersecurity engineers with an intimate understanding of your business environment, and who would be available at all times to preserve the integrity and availability of your systems and data.

With our security experts by your side you can be rest assured, that we are not just another security vendor that will throw the latest tools at you. For us, cybersecurity is about making the world truly a better and safer place. At GRM Technologies, we believe in the platonic vision of the internet as a unifying field of goodness that allows us people from different corners of the world to come together and create peak experiences for themselves and their customers. Sadly, there are elements out there who would go to any lengths to disrupt the fabric of the internet and destroy the value contained in it. And to that end, we like to think of ourselves as vigilantes who would pull out all stops to protect you and your customers from cyber threats so that you have the peace of mind to do what you do best and create greater value for the world around us.

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